Chris SAUNDERS - Photographer & Director

Through Chris Saunders' lens, all the pop energy and diversity of South African subculture is embodied in his photos. His exploring of contemporary urban social diversities results in a series of portraits that celebrate extraordinarily unique people, creators of their own identities through their look, their art and their attitude. Off-the-wall humor slips into the affirmed composition of his images, thus revealing their authentic power.

« The Internet has changed the way people perceive the African continent. We are not just a mysterious land mass in the middle of the map anymore, but an accessible multicultural pool of amazing undiscovered talent and processes. It has also allowed creative people from the continent to showcase their work making it part of the broader creative consciousness. » Chris Saunders

Publications & Collaborations :
Dazed & Confused
The Fader
The Observer
The New-York Times
Dj Black Coffee
Kudzanai Chiurai
Godfried Donkor
Athi-Patra Ruga

Commisionned :
Red Bull

Exhibitions & Awards :
2015 Making Africa at the Vitra Design Museum (Basel)
2015 Victoria & Albert Museum (London)
2015 Kalashnikovv Gallery (Berlin)
2015 Goodman Gallery (Johannesburg)

Book :
2017 – Project « Pantsula »