Julien. - Director

Julien. is a choreographer-director. He is a professional dancer and has been impassioned by this art form for over a decade. Julien. thinks up the concept, creates the choreography, directs and ensures the artistic direction of advertising projects and events. He also works in museum spaces, devising staged performances. By placing the public at the heart of their installations, he offers an innovative vision of a much more open stage.

« I am intrinsically convinced that dance is a sensitive tool for communication »

Collaborations :
WHOUHAOU ! Centre Pompidou - Carreau du temple - Centre National de la danse
NUIT BLANCHE 2014 - Uniqlo Marais
DRAGGED NUIT BLANCHE 2015 - Jardin de l'hôtel Lamoignon 
CHANEL - Boutique Vendôme

Films :
Grand Musée du Parfum - Co-director with Isabelle Chapuis
Antoine de Macedo - Co-writting with Romain Kunstlinger
Chanel - Choregraphy with Metz + Racine
Sonia Rykiel - Choregraphy with Simon Cahn