Leo Cannone - Director

Léo Cannone started studying art in college. He first developped his eye for image at Estienne Art school, which naturally led him to join the ESRA film school, where he directed his first film. Today, he works as much on clips as advertising or fiction. Director, photographer, illustrator, Léo Cannone looks constantly for new ways to express his vision of the world, while remaining faithful to his own cinematographic and poetic touch.

« Filmmaking is one of the most powerful ways to dream of our world, and to create new ones. »

Commisionned :
Grace & Mila - Paco Rabane - Lacoste - SPA - Carver - I Love NY

Award :
- "Best Short Film" at the Tokyo Lift-of Festival
- "Best Narrative" at Best Short Competition
- "Best Cinematography" at Festival Cinemator