Sidi-Omar ALAMI - Photographer & Director

The work of Sidi-Omar Alami is wild, authentic and raw. He photographs an original nature with which modern individuals are at one, thanks to the integration of subtle traces which testify to their urban youth. The vastness of unspoiled landscapes serves as a cinematographic backdrop for the adventures of this new generation.

« My films and photos reflect my own life, my explorations, and my human and emotional aspects. More than anything, I love finding myself lost in the middle of the immensity of these regions and capturing instants of life, friendship and sweet sensuality. »

Collaborations :
Numéro Noir
Naked Juice
Olow TradeMark
Pony Pony Run Run

Publications :
Alpine Modern

Exhibitions :
« Grand Playground » Docks de Marseille
Barrobjectif, Barro
Festival Photo Dax