Raphaël OUELLET - Photographer & Director

If Raphaël was a fruit, he would be a pineapple. Thorny on the outside but pleasant and sweet on the inside (although a bit fibrous). He is from Rimouski and works in Montreal. Raphaël directs movies and composes photos narrating his fears and people's morals. He strives to understand what drives them forward day after day. Raphaël deeply loves people and La Belle Façon Talents deeply loves him.

« The body is definitely one fundamental aspect of my work. I guess this is because I care about people... » Raphaël Ouellet

Awards :
2017 PDN Photo Annual for Yannick Nézet-Séguin
2017 Communication Arts Photography for Yannick Nézet-Séguin
2017 CREA for Penningtons Runner
2017 American Photography 33 for Yannick Nézet-Séguin
2017 LUX for Jennifer Reeder
2017 LUX for Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois
2017 LUX for Tangente Advertising Campaign
2017 LUX for Montreal Metropolitan Orchestra Campaign
2016 Top 10 Personalities of the year INFOPRESSE
2016 FNC Grand Prize for Tout simplement short film (fiction)
2016 Longue vue sur le court Best short film Quebec (fiction)
2016 CMA Awards Gold DE for Penningtons Plus Size Yogi
2016 CMA Awards Bronze Community Engagement for Penningtons Plus Size Yogi
2016 CMA Awards Bronze Digital for Penningtons Plus Size Yogi
2016 CLIO Silver FILM for Penningtons
2016- Numix for Penningtons - Plus size yogi
2016- LUX The 2016 Grand Prize for Justin Trudeau
2016- LUX Grand Prize for Julie and the Wolf - Ablaze
2016- LUX D.O.P for Jean Pascal - March 14th
2016- LUX for Romeo et Juliette
2016 Boomerang prize for Penningtons Plus Size Yogi

Collaborations :